Best free and paid SQL Comparison Tools

SQL Comparison Tool


There is frequently the need to think about the two information and database structures from two databases either on a similar server or on various servers. Most sql comparison tools have a worked in procedure to enable you to do a diff and distinguish any contrasts between the two records, however looking at information is not exactly that simple. Utilizing this diff procedure is extraordinary in the event that you just need to analyze a couple of records, however imagine a scenario in which you have to examine your whole database to search for contrasts.

Similarly as with anything you can simply make your own SQL comparison tool to computerize the correlation procedure. You could cursor through the greater part of the tables read the T-SQL from one server, get the T-SQL for a similar question from the other server and do a correlation. To think about the information you can compose contents that read push by push and do a correlation of the information. Yet, why trouble when there are such huge numbers of items out there as of now.


Fortunately a great deal of items as of now exist. These items enable you to look at database objects, information, DTS contents, servers, and so on… Moreover, these items are not too costly either. A SQL comparison tool of the items are under $100 US and I likewise found an organization that offers a free form, see beneath.

Following is a rundown of the different items that enable you to do correlations:

Object Comparison: