How to compare two SQL scripts or objects and export comparison results


sql comparison tool is an instrument that can think about various sort of records, SQL items and envelopes.

When run, the New undertaking window will be appeared and the Files correlation sort ought to be picked:

After a tick on the Files correlation sort, the Data source tab will be appeared. Here, a database protest or a document can be chosen for the correlation. In the accompanying illustration, existing database question will be thought about against a recently made SQL content for a similar protest:

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sql comparison tool at present backings sentence structure featuring for 9 dialects:








Visual Basic


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Under the Options tab, the coveted Comparison mode and a few Ignore choices for the correlation procedure, can be set in light of inclinations:

As a matter of course, the Line correlation mode is utilized and none of the Ignore alternatives are checked, however in this case, the Character examination mode is utilized to better feature any distinctions in blend to disregard remarks and assemblages.

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sql comparison tool bolsters three diverse correlation modes:

Character – thinks about contents character by character and features contrasts on a character level

Line – looks at contents line by line and features contrasts on a line level

Piece – thinks about contents obstruct by square and features contrasts on a piece level

Once the information sources are set up, alongside every single wanted alternative, in the base right corner of the New undertaking window, tap the Compare catch to start the correlation procedure.

Upon the completed examination process, the looked at SQL question and content are appeared in two boards, alongside all featured contrasts:

As the Character correlation mode was utilized, distinctive columns alongside all character contrasts are legitimately featured, as appeared in the screenshot above.

Likewise, the measure of various lines can be seen at the base of the principle application window, in the Status bar:

In the event that you need to find a particular word/change, change to the View tab in the primary window, and tap the Find catch:

This catch will demonstrate the Find board, where you can choose a board, in which looked ought to be directed, and enter a coveted word for seek:

Before sending out correlation comes about into a HTML record, a couple of choices can be set to redo reports. Tap the Options window from the Home tab and change to the Output tab:

In the main gathering of choices, a document area and record name format can be set and utilized as defaults. What’s more, a different CSS document can be made by the HTML petition for extra altering, to change HTML record hues, text styles, and so forth.

The discretionary yield components gather permits to include creator name, date and time, and lawful data to HTML report header.

On the off chance that all choices are set, tap the Export catch from the Home tab, and the examination results will be sent out to the HTML record. After creating it, the application will demonstrate a provoke window whether to open it now or not. On the off chance that the Yes catch is clicked, the HTML report will be opened in default program for evaluating:


Q: Can I change the distinction featuring hues?

A: Yes. You can change contrast featuring hues in three ways:

Right-tap on the right/left board and tap the Difference features alternative from the setting menu

Go to the View tab in the fundamental application window and tap the Difference features catch

Tap the Options catch, from the Home tab of the fundamental application window, and under the Difference features segment, you can change default hues

Q: Is there a word wrap choice?

A: Yes. You can flip the Word wrap choice in three courses: from the View tab, right-click setting menu in the two boards, and in the Options window, under the General tab.

Q: Can I analyze SQL objects from SSMS

A: Yes. sql comparison tool offers reconciliation for SSMS and Visual Studio, so you can right-click a SQL protest in Object Explorer, select the Compare contents in the right-click setting menu, at that point Set as left/right, and the New examination inquiry window will be appeared.

Q: Can contrast two records and a right-click?

A: Yes. sql comparison tool additionally offers Windows Explorer joining and you can right-click a document, select Compare records – > Set as left, at that point right-tap the other record – > Set as right, and the examination procedure will be started.

Q: Can I synchronize changes between documents?

A: No, yet you can make a union content with a tick on the Merge catch from the Home tab. That will open the Merge see board and registration will be appeared by each changed line/piece and it will enable you to alter the consolidation content.

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