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SQL Server 2017 Downgrade Right

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Downgrade Rights

Microsoft SQL Server’s licensing model is complex and so is its down grade rights mechanism. Several deployment options are available for customers of SQL Server 2017 to support a variety of upgrade and downgrade...

How to downgrade SQL Server 2017 database to SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014/2016

It’s not possible to downgrade a database on SQL Server. However, there are several workarounds which you can use to migrate or downgrade SQL Server 2017 database to lower version of SQL Server database. One of the most popular (and easiest) method for doing this is ‘Script entire database and all database object’.

SQL Server 2017 Editions

SQL Server 2017 (Code Name Helsinki), which is yet to be released officially, will come with many new Database Engine features, enhancements, and performance improvements. These includes Resumable online index rebuild, IDENTITY_CACHE option, adaptive...